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Krista Nordin - Co-lead OrganiZer (Toronto, Canada)

I spend my days researching and testing out applications on how alternative data can be leveraged to expand financial inclusion. Prior I worked at Oracle as a product manager.

Past IDDS: IDDS D'Kar 2015, IDDS Lahore 2016

Areas of Interest: Data, Product Design, Reading, Cooking, Sleeping, Hiking, Traveling

Fun Fact: I lived for a year on a sailboat with my family.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: I am very excited to link my current area of work with the IDDS approach.

Roy Ombatti - Co-lead OrganiZer (Nairobi, Kenya)

I am currently the founder of AB3D, a hardware social enterprise based in Nairobi that aims at lowering the barriers of access to 3D printing technology. We do this by building the 3D printers locally, out of recycled electronic waste parts and other locally available materials. I have experience training youth around design thinking and hardware development in workshops all around the world.

Past IDDS: 2013, 2014, 2016 and other CCBs and workshops

Areas of Interest: Outdoors, hiking, sports and hardware.

Fun Fact: I used to be a rugby player until I broke my nose.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: To be inspired by the amazing things ideas that people will come up with.

Daniel Mokrauer-Madden - Projects Lead (Chicago, USA)

I am working as a Research Coordinator at Innovations for Poverty Action, Kenya. In the past, I worked as a secondary school teacher with Peace Corps Kenya, co-founded the Twende Social Innovation Center in Arusha, Tanzania, and worked on last mile distribution in Tanzania (with Global Cycle Solutions) and India (Essmart Global).

Past IDDS: I have participated in IDDS 2008 (MIT), IDDS 2010 (Colorado State University), IDDS 2011 (Ghana), IDDS 2013 (Zambia), IDDS 2014 (Tanzania), IDDS 2015 (Colombia - Zero Waste), IDDS 2016 (Lahore - ICT).

Areas of Interest: EVERYTHING, but mostly community engagement and headstands.

Fun Fact: I have spent time in 20 out of Kenya's 47 counties, 12 out of 31 Tanzanian regions, and 29 out of 50 US states.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: I see a lot of products that are designed for the big cities in Kenya, but I want to make sure that we are also looking at the needs of towns and villages.

Julio Lavalle - Curriculum Lead (Originally Peru but live in Brazil)

Passionate about design for financial inclusion, founder of Poupa Certo, a mobile app focused to target under/unbanked users through a seamless, fun and user-friendly experience to create financial capability, healthy financial decision-making and access to financial services. I also collaborate with MGov Brazil contributing to the expansion of behavioral interventions targeting engagement of different stakeholders in public education, financial education, among others, mainly at the BoP, in partnership with private institutions.

Past IDDS: Brazil 2012, Zambia 2013, Tanzania 2014, Pakistan 2016

Areas of Interest: Behavioral economics, service design and predictive analysis. Nature and open air activities.

Fun Fact: I've tried for about 4 years to do headstands properly and have shamelessly failed.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: To bring and share my passions into a knowledge-promoting context, validate and learn new approaches, have fun and do all of these things with an amazing old and new group friends.

Mansi Kakkar - Co-Lead instructor (India)

Currently I am an instructor at Stanford's Pre-Collegiate Studies department and design and deliver courses all over the world.

Past IDDS: IDDS Sisaket

Areas of Interest: Regenerative Design | Grassroots Innovation | Youth & Women Empowerment | Innovation Ecosystems | Mindset Shifts

Fun Fact: I am a multi-book reader: meaning at one point of time I am reading upto 7-10 books.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: I believe that innovation has to be bottom up. My heart thrives on people coming together to build for a better future for all.

Rohini Rau - participant experience coordinator (Chennai, INDIA)

I work as a Senior Resident Medical Officer at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai INDIA since 2015. I am a TED Fellow and Curator of the Chennai Hub - Globalshapers Community. I have worked as a health researcher in the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project in Angola. I have been a Design summit facilitator and mentor for MIT Dlabs and EWB in Ethiopia (WASH sector) and Madurai.

Past IDDS: IDDS Aarogyam 2015

Areas of Interest: Medicine, Sport- sailing, Hospital Clowning, User x design,

Fun Fact: I used to represent INDIA as a sailing Athlete and campaigned for the Olympics in 2012. I am an Asian Gold medalist, participated in 8 World Championships and have won many national titles.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: IDDS has changed the way I look at helping people in a way that it doesn't have to be one sided. Being the 'Participant Experience Coordinator' I am excited to meet and coordinate with all the participants who are from different countries and backgrounds. Also visiting a country like Kenya that is so diverse and deep rooted in its culture.

Hamid Mehmood - design facilitator (Lahore, Pakistan)

I am currently working as a Research Associate at ITU Fintech Center, Lahore, Pakistan. In the past, I worked with Innovations for Poverty Alleviation Lab (IPAL) on different ICTD focused projects.

Past IDDS: IDDS 2017 (Sisaket, Thailand)

Areas of Interest: Human-Centered Design, ICTs for Development, HCI4D, Financial Technologies

Fun Fact: I love cooking and learning new recipes

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: I am excited for the first Financial Inclusion focused IDDS.

Flora Kaai - design facilitator (Nairobi, Kenya)

I am a Mechanical Engineer able to leverage human-centered approaches to solve problems of people and business to create solutions for low income groups of people. Experienced in design of solar lanterns and clean cookstoves for the African BOP market. My previous role was at Philips where I was a Research Scientist in the R&D department. Currently I am working at the MakerSpace at ISK training students on robotics and design.

Past IDDS: CCB training in Embu

Areas of Interest: Design and innovation with regards to renewable energy for the African market.

Fun Fact: I play the guitar (poorly)

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: To improve my design skills and empower participants with design tools and help them apply these tools to develop meaningful and appropriate financial products and services needed by the Kenyan BOP market.

David Wanjagi - design facilitator (Nairobi, Kenya)

I have worked with a Cookstoves company as a Market researcher and Assistant Production Manager in Nairobi, Kenya. I have also been part of a travel startup in Nairobi, as a business developer. Currently I am a business person dealing with projectors and Projector Screens sales and hiring.

Past IDDS: IDDS Cookstoves in Uganda - 2016

Areas of Interest: Design Thinking in Customer Experience.

Fun Fact: I love cooking.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: Being the first in Kenya, am really excited to influence and engage my community now and in the future.

Claudine Chen - design facilitator (USA via Ireland)

I'm currently working as a software engineer. Previously I worked in climate policy and atmospheric science. I consider working on IDDS and design thinking as a highlight in my career.

Past IDDS: IDDS D'Kar 2016, IDDS Lahore 2017

Areas of Interest: I like to work locally on creating more human-centered urban spaces.

Fun Fact: My favorite way to tour an area is with a bicycle. I once cycled solo over 1000 km along the western coast of the USA.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: I look forward to working within a nurturing and enabling environment, to learn from others, and to share what I know.

Alois Mbutura - transportation and procurement organizer (Nairobi, Kenya)

I work as the project engineer at EED advisory where we are working towards piloting internet of things solutions around water and climatic change. I also worked for a cryptocurrency firm while in university and was a junior school design and technology tutor before that.

Past IDDS: IDDS cookstoves

Areas of Interest: Technology. Capacity building. User oriented solutions

Fun Fact: I am usually a quiet, chill person.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: To build capacity in the local community and among the participants through collaborative design and create a lasting experience for the participants.

Peter Linu Ndiritu Mwangi - community liaison (Embu , Kenya)

I am a social entrepreneur working in the field of waste management, cotton development and technical vocational education training institute champion through developing enterprises in the technical schools   

Past IDDS: CCB training in Embu

Areas of Interest: Waste, Technical development, and CSR

Fun Fact: I am shy but fun to be with and i talk a lot so be warned.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: we are developing a waste project around take back with financial inclusion aspect  

Ebby Mutie - M&E coordinator (Nairobi, Kenya)


Past IDDS: CCB training in Embu

Areas of Interest: Process design and analysis

Fun Fact: I am an avid archer.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: I would appreciate being involved in innovations that help build the communities.

S. Karl Heinz. T - workshop, tools and spaces coordinator (CAMEROON)

Karl is the founder and entrepreneur at Artisan Hive LTD, a product design and innovation company that uses human centered design principles to developing products, services and systems in developing countries for the last 4 year and growing.

Past IDDS: IDDS Zambia 2013, India 2015

Areas of Interest: Human center design & social entrepreneurship

Fun Fact: When i am not doing HCD, i am surely standing as a bass guitarist at a gig or at my local place of worship

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: Passionate about using Human centered design as a problem-solving methodology with a group of other driven change makers which is the core of IDDS.

Stella odiwuor - communications coordinator (Nairobi, Kenya)

I am a Student/Outreach Intern aiming at achieving global citizenship with Minerva Schools where I shall study in 7 different world cities including San Francisco, Buenos Aires and Seoul. I play the trombone in the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya and the Kenya Conservatoire Orchestra. I recently volunteered with PACEMaker International to teach primary school pupils.

Past IDDS: This will be my first.

Areas of Interest: Architecture and Design, Music, Education/EdTech, Environmental Sustainability, Travel/Tourism.

Fun Fact: I am known to give the best hugs ever!

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: I aspire to make a difference in my community and will use whatever is within my reach, such as this summit, to have an impact.

Eric Wachira- community liaison (EMBU, Kenya)

I have a background in environmental science and financial sales and marketing. I have worked for a real estate firm called Dasips Ventures ltd. I also attended a mentorship program hosted by an environmental audit firm for 6 months. Currently am trying to break out on my own. I want to establish an environmental consultancy firm.

Past IDDS: CCB training in Embu.

Areas of Interest: Sustainable development, upcycling and environmental audits.

Fun Fact: I work best with loud music.

Motivations for IDDS Kenya: I want to make my contribution in my society.