Reflections from Embu Creative Capacity Building (CCB) Workshop - April 22 to 27

Finally the Embu CCB workshop ended on the 27th April 2018! We are so happy to have engaged 18 participants from the Embu County local community for 5 days of intense hands-on training. They got to learn a new way to approach the problems they face in their everyday life and how to develop solutions that they can proudly apply and continually improve on.

With 10 men and 8 women in the team, we had them engage each other on projects that they think would be of high benefit to them and their community. The projects they came up with included waste collection, irrigation systems, macadamia and nut shelling, managing agricultural labour, rain water harvesting, control of crop pests and diseases, reducing rain drainage and managing forests/ water reserves among others.

The participants, after extensive consultation with each other, agreed to work on the following four projects:

1.     Collection of waste: Addressing the problem of solid waste

2.     Inadequate levels of nutrients in organic fertilizer

3.     Affordable greenhouses

4.     Detecting seed quality

Having farmers, a deputy head teacher, students and a military retiree among the participants, there were four teams created to work on each project according to their interest. Their diverse experience made the teams really think of diverse ideas to have a suitable solution within the 5 days. By the end of the 4th day, we had a machine created to shred plastic for the collection of waste project, a greenhouse made of plastic posts from melted waste plastic for the affordable greenhouses project, a method of mixing organic fertilizer from kitchen waste for the organic fertilizer project and a way to relay information to the farmers about quality seeds which is readily available.

At the end of the five days, the participants were really charged to continue with their individual projects and also pass-on the design skills that they have gained from the CCB workshop to other community members.

We hope to continue engaging some of the community members during the IDDS Kenya – Financial Inclusion happening in July. It’s going to be a really exciting and engaging time with the local community for the coming months! 

- David Wanjagi, Communities Coordinator, IDDS Kenya

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